High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT)


I share with you that I presented my High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) before the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) of Mexico and since 2013 I am recognized as a researcher in the National Registry of Scientific and Technological Institutions and Companies (RENIECYT).


Since 2017 I'm proudly part of the Mexican Thematic Network for the Production and Incorporation of Educational Technology (LATE Network) also of CONACYT.





In 2016, the College of Psychology, through his neurosciences lab, conduct the experimental studie call "Organizational neuroscience: Impact of the neuro-vibration on the stress management during directive meetings" with successful results that HERE I show you. If you’re interested in the full document, please contact with me.


I say goodbay not before thanking you for visiting this site.

Arturo Niño Solís


Creator of the High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT)


"Technology with a guarantee of Ethics, Quality and Effectiveness in Change"

I am going to present you the livelihoods and scientific references of  High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) and why it is a tool that benefits learning processes and stress control - Arturo Niño Solís. "

"Technology with a guarantee of Ethics, Quality and Effectiveness in Change"

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