High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT)


With neuromodulation we get the brain electrical activities pattern (state of the brain) according to the emotional state wanted. For example a quick and direct impact to the physiological stress.


Brain frequencies linked to a specific mental or emotional situation:

BETA LEVEL (Stress. Daily day activities. 13 to 30 Hz).

ALPHA (Chill. Assimilation and bigger learning skills. 8 to 12 Hz).

THETA (Superficial sleep. Physical and mental relaxation 4 to 7 Hz).

DELTA (Deep sleep. Physical and mental restore 0 to 3 Hz).

Dr. Hans Berger


Father of the electroencephalogram


Through binaural sounds the High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) drive the brain frequency to the desired level.

Dr. Gerald Oster


Author of "Auditory Beats in the Brain".

Through binaural stimulation on both ears simultaneously and by difference of frequencies we manage to take the brain to the electrical activity needed accordingly to the emotional state desired.

I am going to present you the livelihoods and scientific references of  High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) and why it is a tool that benefits learning processes and stress control - Arturo Niño Solís. "

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