High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT)

From the advances of scientific research on the brain the Neurosciences came to exist in which, the level of deep is so big that the specializations and applications broaden vastly. For example the so call Neuromanagement, Neuromarketing and Neurolearning, just to name a few.


Acknowledging that the Neurolearning “Is the discipline that study not only how the brain works but, more precisely how the brain learns” there’s several techniques, methods and technologies that helps the brain as a learning organ, to achieve this more efficiently; this is the case of my High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) a powerful tool of personal transformation.

The term plasticity refers to the remaining change after the interruption of the cause; now, if we talk about  Brain Plasticity or Neuroplasticity that comes with the Neurolearning, we refer to the existence of a cause (learning) that produce a change that remains through time (memory).

The Neuroscience dictionary of Francisco Mora and Ana Sanguinetti (Alianza Publishing) define the plasticity as “changes produced by the nervous system as a result of a learning experience, injuries or degenerative process. The plasticity express itself as the sinapsis modify, dendritic or axonal spread and the changes in the dynamic or density of the ionic channels”.

I'm going to take you to this level when I show you how my  High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) works.

I am going to present you the livelihoods and scientific references of  High Vibration Resonance Technology (HVRT) and why it is a tool that benefits learning processes and stress control - Arturo Niño Solís. "

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